25-27 April 2023
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata
Asia/Kolkata timezone
Tentative Scientific Programme is available


A low energy RIB facility has been developed at VECC, and we are now proposing construction of ANURIB - the next generation facility for Applied and NUclear research using RIB at our upcoming green-field campus in Rajarhat, Kolkata. The ANURIB facility aims to accelerate both proton-rich and neutron-rich RIB produced using a 50 MeV, 0.2 mA proton cyclotron and a 50 MeV, 100 kW electron linac photo-fission driver. Along with the RIB, stable isotope beams (SIB) will also be accelerated in ANURIB. The facility will be developed in phases, starting from RIB & SIB of about 1 keV/u after the isotope separator to about 1 MeV/u at the end of the first section of heavy-ion linacs.  In the second phase, super-conducting heavy-ion linac booster will take the beam energy to around 7 MeV/u. The option of future expansion for a high energy section is being kept, for accelerating RIB/SIB to an energy up to 100 MeV/u (typically for 40Ar). Along with the ion-beams, dedicated beam lines for protons, positrons, neutrons and gamma-rays built around the driver accelerators would also be accessible to the users.

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