27-29 November 2018
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata
Asia/Kolkata timezone
Programme schedule and list of participants updated

Call for papers

Call for contributory papers from DAE Units

On behalf of the Technical Programme Committee, contributory papers based on the following topics are hereby invited from DAE units for this year’s Meet.

Topics for contributory papers on industrial safety theme - Leadership and Management of Safety

  1. Role of safety culture in management of safety
  2. Societal and economic elements of safety management
  3. Role of line managers in safety management
  4. Process safety management
  5. Leadership and responsibility for safety
  6. How to develop leadership for safety?
  7. Measurement, assessment and improvement in management of safety
  8. Leadership for safety: industrial experiences
  9. Integration of safety into the management systems

Topics for contributory papers on occupational health theme - Requirement and challenges in health management - pre/ during/ post-employment

  1. Statutory requirements for employee medical examination/ statutory medical provision for workers and health audit
  2. Challenges in occupational medical examinations
  3. Ergonomics at workspace
  4. Post-retirement health management
  5. Occupational health & positive life style
  6. Medical management during employment - Medical examinations & fitness
  7. Health Management of round the clock shift worker
  8. Key aspects of medical management during employment
    1. Chronic absenteeism
    2. Substance Abuse
    3. Psychosomatic disorder
    4. High job demand
    5. How to cope up - Ageing
  9. Key aspects of medical management post-employment
    1. Planning retirement
    2. Geriatric
    3. Exercise
    4. Yoga

The technical and occupational health staff of DAE unit may submit soft copies of full text of the contributory papers through proper channel to the email address daesohpm@aerb.gov.in on or before September 20, 2018 October 15, 2018. The papers should be written in the format as mentioned in the paper template.

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